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November 2, 2010
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Kurosaki Family by RogueKitty Kurosaki Family by RogueKitty
This took over five hours. I should have been studying, but I had to finish it.

My Kurosaki family! :love: So many children...

A little bit about them:

Ichigo - The now 40+ year old shinigami, he is the father of the Children of Destiny. The captain of 3rd company, he is one of the most feared in all of Soul Society. His personality has changed very little over the years, with the exception that he takes things more seriously than he use to.

Rukia - Vice Captain to Ichigo, she is the mother of the Children of Destiny. Achieving bankai and hollowification, she and her husband are a force to be reckoned with. She is extremely protective of her children. Her mask resembles a rabbit.

Hisana - The oldest. She cares very deeply for all her siblings, even if she does get into fights with Suzuna and Yoichi often. She ends up joining the Royal Guard and marrying the Spirit King's son. She is very responsible and a bit over-protecting of her brother Kaien. Some of her flaws are: she's a control freak, and gets jealous easily. Her Vizard mask is similar to her father's.

Kaien - The second oldest. He has always been very quiet and reserved, and becomes even more withdrawn after becoming possessed with "Dark Matter." He eventually learns to control the Dark Matter, but not before he causes great damage to the Soul Society, to the point of killing some shinigami and almost Hisana. He spends the rest of his life trying to atone for his sins. Orihime and Uryu's second oldest and only daughter, Tanpopo, is in love with Kaien as is Byakuya and Soi Fon's only child, Kikyo. At first he showed feelings towards Kikyo, but she ended up falling for Urahara and Yoruhici's son, Shusui. After gaining the Dark Matter, Kaien rejects all of Tanpopo's advances. They end up getting married (much to Uryu's chagrin) after Kaien almost loses her to a demon escaped from Hell. His hollow mask resembles Ulquiorra's face when in his last form.

Isshin - The older twin of Masaki, he is the laziest of the group but also the smartest. In many ways he takes after his namesake, but he also is a lot like Urahara. After deciding that the court guards wasn't for him, he quits and goes into business with Urahara, eventually marrying his daughter and Shusui's twin sister, Ouka. His Hollow mask is resembles a Knight's helmet from the Dark Ages.

Masaki - The younger twin of Isshin, she is the sweetest and most empathetic of the Kurosaki children. She doesn't like fighting and is assigned to fourth squad. She eventually follows her brother into Karakura and marries Kyo Ishida, Uryu and Orihime's oldest son. Her hollow mask resembles a seahorse's head.

Suzuna - The older twin of Yoichi. Being the bratiest and most sarcastic of the Kurosaki kids, she is the black sheep. Reckless to a fault, she has problems controlling her inner hollow. It is later revealed that she first materialized her mask at age 5. Before this incident, she was as sweet as any child, but by being in contact with her hollow at such a young age her personality was warped. She really cares for her siblings, even though she does not get along with Kaien at all. She runs away from her home in the Soul Society and joins the Vizards, where she falls in love with Shinji Hirako. Her hollow mask resembles a fox.

Yoichi - The younger twin of Suzuna. Due to the telepathic bond he has with Suzuna, his mood mirrors hers. Growing up linked to Suzuna, he rarely disagreed with her. The two shared a very closed relationship. Yoichi was shocked to learn that Suzuna has a hard time with her hollow, whereas he does not. Having something not in common with her made him feel separated from her. As she grew more mysterious, the rift between them grew. Upon her disappearance the bond they shared was severed. Feeling bitter and abandoned, Yoichi was forced to discover his true identity; his personality apart from Suzuna. He ended up becoming a lot like his uncle, Byakuya. He falls in love with Renji and Tatsuki's daughter, Ren. His hollow mask resembles a spider.

Yuko - The last child to be born about which a prophecy was told. She is very quiet and independent. All of her siblings are grown up, and as her parents are busy with Captain and Vice-Captain responsibilities, she spends a lot of time alone. She looks up to all her siblings, especially Suzuna. Her hollow mask resembles a dragon.
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marigold-8 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not really a big fan of ichiruki but this actually really good I especially like the youngest hollow form and I can see how her own hollow fication can pass her family's including her fathers
waithlord1476 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
and yet sweet Unohana is still the most feared.
WhiteTundraWolf Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
my fangirl mind has been blown... amazing...!!
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Neko-Neko-HappyFace Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2010
:iconteheplz: I always knew IchiRuki would happen... :D
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What's your fanfic penname?
RogueKitty Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BlueRaven :)
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